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Internet Security and Practice.
ExFilter available with source licence.
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May 1996 (ATM '96), calls for papers.

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A team from ExNet presented a selection of technical talks at the ``Connecting to the Internet: Security and Practice'' conference in Malta, covering the issues of configuring DNS, security firewalls and the secure configuration of WWW and FTP servers.

The conference ran from 19--20th February and was attended by about 100 delegates; managerial, governmental and technical.

The issues discussed helped managers decide WHY they should connect, and their IT staff decide HOW to do so efficiently and safely---an excellent and necessary combination if the Net is to be used well.

We gave away copies of our firewall software and safe-FTP software (with source, so that the end users can verify that the code is safe!) to attendees, but you can find out more about these packages for purchase here.

The ExNet talks (slides and background text) are available on-line:

A very worthwhile and well-organised conference thanks to MediaVision International who ran the event; I hope more will follow.

Damon Hart-Davis, Computing Editor

(Topics coming up in future issues, let me know of others you'd like covered: Java, Systolic processing, biocomputing, ATM.)

Cyber Contracts


ExFilter available with source licence
Feb 20: ExNet Systems today offered free copies of its ExFilter firewall software and safe FTP server to attendees of their talks at the ``Connecting to the Internet: Security and Practice'' conference in Malta to support safe and simple connection to the Internet by the organisations represented. The products come with a source code licence so that users can evaluate security hazards for themselves if they need to. ExFilter normally retails for GBP770+VAT, and the safe-FTP package for GBP50+VAT. A demonstration copy of ExFilter is available for download (more).


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Yahoo (search), Supercomputing Diary, ExWeb (Web publisher).
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Directions (Intel's business PC magazine), Multimedia Association News (multimedia resources and news), Network Week (adjunct to weekly trade journal), NewScape (general/Internet, daily update), PC Explore (Intel's home PC magazine), The Register (fortnightly; semiconductors, software, etc), SunWorld OnLine (excellent Sun UNIX magazine; Sun-related links), UNIX News (weekly update), ZDNet.
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Adaptec (hardware mfr, eg SCSI), AMI (IBM PCs and BIOS), British Computer Society (UK professional body), Compaq (PCs), Convex (supercomputers, being acquired by HP), Cray (supercomputers), Data General (UNIX), DEC (UNIX, VAX), Fujitsu (semiconductors, supercomputers), Hitachi (semiconductors, supercomputers), HP (UNIX (esp telecomms), printers, test and measurement; humo(u)r), IBM (UK), ICL (UK company, UNIX, vertical markets), Informix (databases), Intel (semiconductors, x86 CPUs; P6 info), MediaVision International (multimedia services), Microsoft (you don't need an explanation, do you?), NSCA (Web server and Mosaic Web browser), Netscape (Web browsers and servers), NHSE (National HPCC Software Exchange), Novell (PCs, networking, UNIXWare), Oracle (databases; UK), ParaSoft (parallel development and debugging tools), SCO (PC UNIX), Sequent (parallel UNIX), Silicon Graphics (UNIX with visualisation slant, MIPS CPUs). Sun (largest UNIX vendor; Java, Sun-related links, SunExpress), Sybase (databases), Symantec (software house for Windows, DOS, Mac, OS/2), Tandem (fault-tolerant systems), Teknekron (financial, distributed systems), Texas Instruments (semiconductors such as SPARC CPU), Unisys (software), X/Open (UNIX standards body).
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1995 December 4 (VLIW), 3 (Netocracy), September 2 (Trouble on the Net), 1 (Unix, Intel and 64-bits), Pilot.

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Look for events by topic or date in the IAO Conference Announcement Archive.
March 1996:
25--26, Berlin, Germany. MMSD-96: International Workshop on Multimedia Software Development. (Mail Max Muehlhaeuser.)
April 1996:
13--14, Cambridge, UK. International Workshop on Object Representation for Computer Vision. Contact co-chairs Jean Ponce, Martial Hebert or Andrew Zisserman.

15--19, Honolulu, Hawaii. HiNet '96: Second International Workshop On High-speed Network Computing. IPPS '96: Tenth International Parallel Processing Symposium.

May 1996:
1, Milton Keynes, UK. The Missing Link: Hypermedia Usability Research and The Web.

6--9, San Jose, CA, USA. ATM '96.

13--16, Budapest, Hungary. JENC7: 7th Joint European Networking Conference.

23--24, Antwerpen, Belgium. Third International Workshop On Community Networking.

27--28, Philadelphia, PA, USA. IOPADS: Fourth Annual Workshop on I/O in Parallel and Distributed Systems.

June 1996:
5--7, Namur, Belgium. DSV-IS'96: 3rd Eurographics Workshop on Design, Specification and Verification of Interactive Systems.

5--7, London, UK. UKCMG UK Independent IT User Forum, contact by mail for more info.

10--12, Boston, MA, USA. Second IEEE Real-Time Technology and Applications Symposium (email).

12--14, L'Aquila, Italy. Eighth Euromicro Workshop on Real-time Systems. (Mail for more info.)

17--22, Boston, MA, USA. ED-MEDIA '96, ED-TELECOM '96: World Conference on Educational Multimedia and Hypermedia and World Conference on Educational Telecommunications. (Mail AACE.)

July 1996:
3--5, Edinburgh, UK. BNCOD-14: Fourteenth British National Conference on Databases.

10--13, Monterey, CA, USA. Fourth Tcl/Tk workshop.

29--2 Aug, Morgantown, WV, USA. Software Reuse Conference.

31--3 Aug, New Brunswick, NJ, USA. CAV '96: Computer-Aided Verification.

August 1996:
6--9, Syracuse, NY, USA. HPDC-5: High-performance Distributed Computing (email).

26--30, Poitiers, France. Eurographics '96: Graphics, Virtual Reality, Graphics Highways.

27--29, Lyon, France. Euro-Par'96 Workshop #5: Parallel Languages and Programming.

September 1996:
2--4, Connemara, Ireland. Seventh ACM SIGOPS European Workshop: Systems Support for Worldwide Applications.

3--6, Boulder, CO, USA. VL '96: IEEE Symposium on Visual Languages.

16--20, Berlin, Germany. PARCELLA '96: Seventh International Workshop on Parallel Processing by Cellular Automata and Arrays

25--27, Dijon, France. PDCS'96: Parallel and Distributed Computing Systems.

October 1996:
8--11, Kaiserslautern, Germany. FORTE/PSTV'96---IFIP TC6/WG6.1: Joint International Conference on Formal Description Techniques for Distributed Systems and Communication Protocols, and Protocol Specification, Testing, and Verification.

9--11, Bologna, Italy. WDAG-10: 10th International Workshop on Distributed Algorithms.

16--19, San Francisco, CA, USA. WebNet-96: World Conference of the Web Society.

November 1996:
16--20, Cambridge, MA, USA. CSCW '96: Cooperating Communities.
December 1996:
11--14, Hong Kong. International Conference on Multimedia Technology (email).
Calls for papers:
6--9 May 1996. ATM '96. Send proposals to the Technology Transfer Institute.

10--13 July 1996, Monterey, CA, USA. Fourth Tcl/Tk workshop.

2--4 September 1996, Connemara, Ireland. Seventh ACM SIGOPS European Workshop: Systems Support for Worldwide Applications.

16--20 September 1996, Berlin, Germany. PARCELLA '96: Seventh International Workshop on Parallel Processing by Cellular Automata and Arrays.

16--20 November 1996, Cambridge, MA, USA. CSCW '96: Cooperating Communities. (Mail Mark Klein.)

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