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The icons in this page have been designed for ExNet. We are making these available for use free of charge, for personal or commercial use. We would appreciate a mention of, or a link back to, the source, if you use one or more of these images, but it's not essential. Note that the rest of our images and text are not public domain, so please ask us before using them! (If you do make a link, please make it to our home page, http://www.exnet.com/ or http://www2.exnet.com/img/free/.)

See my Multimedia Gallery, which includes icons derived from photos.
I also have animated icons; look out for "animated" in the title.

All these images are 32x32 GIFs, non-interlaced. Some are transparent where we think that is appropriate. A few are animated (in some cases with the excellent GIFMerge tool by René K. Müller). The initials of the icon's creator are the last component of the icon's name before the ".gif" (see the bottom of the page). One or two images from each section are directly shown on the page as a taster, but all are available by clicking on the links given. This saves your browser from from downloading everything!

Do NOT put links to the icons on this page from your own pages. Copy the images to your site and refer to them there.

Your feedback on the content and layout of this page is welcome.

The categories available are:

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See also some of our old free on-line magazines from 1995 and 1996 that used these icons.

Author key: DHD, Damon Hart-Davis; DW, Dina Wasfi.
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