Energy Conservation, Efficiency, and Microgeneration

We think it vital to help reduce CO2 emissions to help avert climate change. ExNet is applying its engineering and optimisation skills to reducing its own energy use and thus CO2 emissions with a mixture of conservation, efficiency, behaviour change and renewable microgeneration. ExNet can help you do the same at home or in your small business.

First of all we'll help you work out what you primarily want to do: save your wallet or save the planet!

Schemes to reduce energy use and CO2 emissions can be cheap or expensive, and some of them will never save you money even if they do good in other ways. For example, better insulation, solar hot water and solar electricity (PV) can make significant reductions in energy use at home and in the office, with insulation being the cheapest and solar PV the most expensive of the three for a given energy saving, and PV may not pay back financially. Insulation and solar hot water will save money and the planet rather sooner.

We can also identify other ways to help you save energy and emissions, from efficient lighting to more efficient computers and software. (Did you know that a laptop uses only about 10% the energy of a desktop PC?)

Then we can help you plan and implement schemes in more detail, eg:

We're not trying to sell you a system, just help you make the best decision.

Here how we can help:

Note that we can also help you at similar rates with tweaking or redesigning your computer systems' hardware and software to reduce energy consumption, or at least analyse the scope for doing so.

Our services are primarily targeted at the UK, but we can provide more generic advice for anywhere in the world.

Here are some of our own initiatives:

* Click here for our first carbon-offset scheme for our office using solar PV.
* Click here for our future plans (primarily solar hot water) to eliminate remaining CO2 emissions from Internet-related activities

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