Use the Java applet below to search ExNet's main Web pages.

When the ``Status'' indicator stops flashing and says ``Idle'', type key words in the ``Search for:'' box.

The ``Results:'' box will show you the documents that matched your key words, the best matches coming first in the list. Click on any line in the ``Results:'' box, and that document should appear in a new browser window in a few seconds. When you are finished with that document, you can close it without killing your browser.

From time to time, and when the applet thinks you are not using it, the applet will put some demo text in the search box to show you what a search looks like. Delete the demo text and overtype it at any time, or wait until the demo stops, to start your search.

Tune your search using the ``Control Panel.''

Your browser can't see the live Java search tool embedded here.

* Click here to read more about our JIndexer Java-based Web-indexing tool and applet.

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