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We believe in the importance of keeping your personal information private. We will never use your information for any use beyond that stated or the additional permissions that you give us.

If you do not agree with our policy as stated below, then please stop using the site(s) linking to and using this policy, else we will assume that you do accept the policy.


Our sites use temporary cookies where necessary to maintain information (such as which language you have indicated that you prefer to use) during a single browsing session. Some of our advertisers may use other forms of cookies or equivalent (see "Advertisers" below).

We are happy for you to remove or block cookies set by our site(s) and continue using our site(s) operating this policy, though some site features may then not work or work less well.

Server Logs and Statistics

Our servers, as with virtually all Web servers, will record your IP address when you visit. We may also record and/or display non-personal statistics such as current number of users and popular site items. We do not use such information for tracking the activities of specific users. We may use such information to avoid misuse of resources such as bandwidth.

We may monitor general user behaviour with a service such as Google Analytics to help improve the site for all visitors. This may involve use of persistent cookies so that we get an idea of how many people make repeat visits and similar trends.


Our sites use third-party advertisers. We expect them to respect your personal data in a broadly similar way to the privacy policy described in this page.

Some advertisers may use behavioural tracking to help target their ads, but in this case there should be a reasonable opt-out available.

We use advertising to help pay for public sites and services that we provide, and we earn better revenue from better-targeted ads.

See how Google uses information from sites or apps that use [its] services.

Email, Forms and other Feedback

If you respond to us through any explicit feedback, for example by email, we will not use your data in any way not advertised with that feedback mechanism that you might not reasonably expect (eg publishing the text of a letter sent to the site) unless agreed with you.


Our policies may change from time to time, for example as laws are changed. We will always attempt to protect your privacy, but you may wish to check this page or its successors from time to time to remain up-to-date with our policy.

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