Specialist IT Consultancy Services

ExNet provides consultancy to all sizes of business and in all sorts of areas; below are some of our specialities:

Internet Services
ExNet provides consultancy at all levels, and hosting/registration/configuration/advertising support. ExNet Systems Ltd is a member and tag-holder of Nominet UK. We register domain names in compliance with the Terms and Conditions of Nominet UK. ExNet was one of the UK's very first ISPs.

Multi-Core and Distributed Software Tools
ExNet exists to promote interoperability and distributed and parallel processing. We develop in C++, Java and other WWW languages and tools. The Gallery is an example ExNet-supported distributed system, located on machines all over the world, and using standard Web protocols and infrastructure, implemented in Java on various Linux/Solaris flavours.

Financial Derivative Systems
ExNet has developed and run systems for major international institutions. We cover all aspects of front-office to back-office credit/derivatives trading:
  • Analytics/system design and support
  • Daily batch (P&L and risk-management)
  • New report development for traders
  • Hardware upgrades and installs
  • Management of analytic and other code libraries
  • Build and configuration-management tools
  • Risk-management systems
  • Real-time graphical displays

System and Network Administration
ExNet's background is large-scale Unix and heterogeneous systems. We specialise in planning, development, testing, performance-tuning and troubleshooting of multi-processor, LAN- and WAN- based systems. We deliver J2EE- and servlet-based solutions.

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