This is a springboard into the Web. Your comments are welcome. I want to keep this page short, useful, and reasonably stable. I invite disaster by including resources from all over the world! Please be patient if some sources (eg images on this page) do not always work.


Click here to visit the highly-recommended Yahoo index of Web resources (try the ``Random'' button in the map above), and here for a summary of world news. There are other powerful search engines that allow you to find Web pages searching by word: WebCrawler, Lycos, Open Text, InfoSeek.

Back to the news... There are several newspapers putting services on-line; some are free and some partially so. Click here to read the free, on-line version of the Daily Telegraph newspaper. It does not always work with Mosaic, which is an irritation; otherwise it is well-presented. Click here for information on ClariNet's on-line news service through USENET (which we can supply over UUCP). Click here for some of the top items of world news from the Reuters newswire via ClariNet.

In a more arty vein... Click here to visit the WebMuseum. This is a well-presented and easy-to-follow collection of art on-line, including some of the classics. Click here to visit Virgin's ``Raft,'' which includes demo tapes and information on many of the bands on the Virgin label. I think Mandelbrot curves are art objects myself, but then what do I know about art? Click here to go fractal surfing! I always wanted to write an application to do this, but found it on the Web first.

Click here for a view of the worst that the Web has to offer! Very well worth a visit.

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