Users' Personal Pages

Every user has a UNIX shell account from which they may publish one WWW page for free. (The file must be a normal (regular) file called public.html, in their home directory, no more than 18000 bytes long, and the user must chmod 444 public.html to indicate to the system that they want it to be published.) They may also have accompanying audio (.au) and graphic (.gif) files, each of which may be up to 10 times longer and also must be chmoded. However, if we start to run short on spool area this service may be temporarily suspended!

Files are updated to the area where they are published at least once per day under normal circumstances.

s0ajhd: Adam Hart-Davis (Mar 23 1998)

sys4: EXNET DNS Administrator (Aug 12 1998) (4k, Aug 8 1995)

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