Issue 1, 1st November 1995: SF---Interzone, history
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Interzone has published short stories by many of the big names of the field, from Brian Aldiss to Gene Wolfe, but its particular strength has been in the nurturing of newer writers. Here are just some of the people we have published over the past dozen years, with mention of books they have gone on to write:

Sarah Ash: Moth to a Flame (novel, 1995).

Stephen Baxter: Raft (novel, 1991); Timelike Infinity (novel, 1992); Anti-Ice (novel, 1993); Flux (novel, 1994); Ring (novel, 1994); The Time Ships (novel, 1995).

Stephen Blanchard: Gagarin and I (novel, 1995).

Michael Blumlein: The Movement of Mountains (novel, 1988); The Brains of Rats (collection, 1990), X,Y (novel, 1994).

Scott Bradfield: The Secret Life of Houses (collection, 1988); The History of Luminous Motion (novel, 1989); Animal Planet (novel, 1995), etc.

Keith Brooke: Keepers of the Peace (novel, 1990); Expatria (novel, 1991), Expatria Incorporated (novel, 1992).

Eric Brown: The Time-Lapsed Man (collection, 1990); Meridian Days (novel, 1992); Engineman (novel, 1994).

Molly Brown: Virus (novel, 1994); Invitation To A Funeral (novel, 1995).

Christopher Burns: Snakewrist (novel, 1987); About the Body (collection, 1988); The Flint Bed (novel, 1989), etc.

Richard Calder: Dead Girls (novel, 1992); Dead Boys (novel, 1994).

Greg Egan: Quarantine (novel, 1992); Permutation City (novel, 1994); Axiomatic (collection, 1995).

Neil Ferguson: Putting Out (novel, 1988); Double Helix Fall (novel, 1990).

Nicola Griffith: Ammonite (novel, 1993), Slow River (novel, 1995).

Richard Kadrey: Metrophage (novel, 1988); Kamikaze L'Amour (novel, 1995).

Paul J. McAuley: Four Hundred Billion Stars (novel, 1988); Secret Harmonies (novel, 1989); The King of the Hill (collection, 1990); Eternal Light (novel, 1991); Red Dust (novel, 1993); Pasquale's Angel (novel, 1994); Fairyland (novel, 1995).

Kim Newman: The Night Mayor (novel, 1989); Bad Dreams (novel, 1990); Jago (novel, 1991); Anno Dracula (novel, 1992); The Original Doctor Shade and Other Stories (collection, 1994); The Quorum (novel, 1994); Famous Monsters (collection, 1995); The Bloody Red Baron (novel, 1995).

Nicholas Royle: Counterparts (novel, 1993).

Geoff Ryman: The Warrior Who Carried Life (novel, 1985), The Unconquered Country (novella, 1986); The Child Garden (novel, 1989), Was... (novel, 1992).

Other "Interzone writers" who have first novels pending, or who have written or edited debut books of one kind or another since they first contributed to the magazine, include: Paul Di Filippo, Kathleen Ann Goonan, Glenn Grant, Simon Ings, William King, Jonathan Lethem, Ian R. MacLeod, Jamil Nasir, Alex Stewart, Charles Stross, David Wishart, Ken Wisman, etc. Comments from the press have been very favourable: "From the beginning, Interzone has sought out new writers... No other magazine in Britain is publishing science fiction at all, let alone fiction of this quality"---Times Literary Supplement. "The best new SF magazine in 20 years"---Washington Post.
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